Back in the 70's & 80's it was cool to own a hot tub, remember?  As you get older and your body gives it up to gravity the idea of having a hot tub isn't that great anymore. (What?  I have to put on swimming suit and be in front of people???)   That's why we started researching infrared saunas and the benefits made sense.

For years I've stopped and chatted with the gentleman that brings his infrared saunas to sell at the Arrowhead Home & Builder Show at the DECC.  I get the pamphlets, I always sit in one and listen to B105 while my husband and I talk about the benefits of getting one.  Then, we walk away saying we can't spend the money.  After I did research and determined there are oodles of benefits using an infrared sauna, we made the decision to ditch the hot tub and invest in an infrared sauna.

There are those that would argue that a "real" sauna is best.  You know, the hot rocks, the steam, the smell of the wood, mmmmmmmm!  I agree, but when you don't have the space, the infrared sauna is a great alternative.  It's a dry sauna heat which helps your body detoxify deeper.  It helps with weight loss, stress and it feels amazing on the joints!  They are somewhat spendy, but we found one on Craig's List.  It was practically brand new and it was easy to assembly, almost like putting together a huge 3D puzzle.

I wasn't going to make you sit through the whole assembly!  Here's what it looks like now, we love it!

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

Some info via: McLaughlin Care

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