We have been Minnesota Viking's Season Ticket holders for 26 years.  Yes, they've had their ups and downs, but we were always excited to sit front row in an end zone at an NFL game.  Many friends and family members used our tickets when we couldn't go, so why not buy the chairs that we called "ours" for so many years.

We weren't even sure if it would be an option.  We found out a day before the last game that it was and sprung into action.  We thought the chairs would be a nice addition to our rec room (whenever we get it done in the garage).  Lots of stipulations though!  We had to buy them in groups of 3 or 6.  We owned seats 17 & 18, front row end zone AND seats 17 & 18 second row right behind us, but knew they would never sell them to us in that formation.  We settled for a group of 3 as long as it included our two seats.

There was a time frame involved to order our seats.  After reading through the criteria we found that anyone could purchase Metrodome seats for about $60 a piece.  If you wanted specific seats, you paid about $80.  BUT, how would we know they were OUR seats we were paying extra for?  Easy!!!

Metrodome chair signing
Photo: Cathy Kates

We signed em'!  Now we're waiting for them to remove the chairs and the call to come pick them up.  If chair number 18 doesn't have my husband's signature at the bottom, we'll pay the $60 and be happy.  If it does have his signature, we'll be even happier.

Not sure if we'll be able to afford our season tickets after the new stadium is built, but we're looking forward to 2014 with a new coach, maybe a new quarterback and of course, watching AP rack up his yards!  SKOL VIKINGS!


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