The day started out grand!  We were heading to the MOA field, the Metrodome to pick up our Viking's Season Ticket seats we had owned for the past 26 years.  Who knew the adventure that lay ahead would be SUCH a fiasco?  However, the extra time did allow me to take some great video of the Metrodome destruction.  Check out the amazing destruction in this "last look" video before it's demolished forever.

We arrived in downtown Mpls at 9am.  As we approached about 4 blocks to the MOA garage door we would excitedly enter to get our chairs, I pulled out my video camera to start taping.  Picture this:  6,000 people all trying to enter ONE garage door to the inside of the metrodome to pick up their chairs.  Yup, we moved a block, an hour.  Let me repeat that, A BLOCK AN HOUR!!!

We had left Duluth at 6am and drank our morning coffee on the way down.  Sitting in the truck for three hours had NOT been part of my plan. I actually got out of the truck and walked three block to a gas station to use the restroom.  When I returned to the truck, my husband had moved about an inch.  Let me repeat....oh forget, it.  You get my drift.

Once inside the dome, we were in awe of what we saw.

It was a fiasco from the beginning.  They couldn't find our paperwork.  We owned four MN Viking's Season Tickets and bought all four seats.  They couldn't find a set of our seats.  They found our second row set, but couldn't find our front row seats.  Well, my husband was having none of that.  In the video I tell you they wouldn't let us behind the caution tape. THAT didn't last long, once my hubby found out they couldn't find our seats, we were on the other side of the caution tape digging through literally thousands of seats for a pair of 17 & 18 together with the seat numbered 18 bearing his signature on the bottom from the final game at the dome.

Sadly, we didn't find our original seats and left with "replacements" (and a little $$$ back).  While the experience was frustrating, I'm glad we did it.  It was amazing to see the destruction of such a large complex.  We have our piece of memorabilia and a story to tell for years to come.  Which I'm sure we'll end up laughing about.....some day.

Here's where the journey to get our seats started:

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