I'm a pretty big WWII nut.  I love reading about it, watching documentaries, and learning everything I can.  That's why I'm pretty stoked about the new movie 'DUNKIRK' which is directed by one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan.   Watch the trailer, and then I'll explain what the move is about.


Early in WII, the British sent troops over to France to help them fight off the Nazi's who were attempting to take over Europe.  The Nazi's beat France and overtook the country, and in the process the British Expeditionary Forces were trapped and cut off from other allied forces.  The best course of action was for them to retreat to the nearest capable port, Dunkirk, and evacuate.

Sounds simple, right?  Not so much.  Trying to evacuate an entire British force and fend off German advances and air strikes made it very difficult.  In fact, Churchill himself later referred to it as the Miracle at Dunkirk.  The catastrophe of losing that force would have definitely changed history.

With this being a Christopher Nolan flick and Tom Hardy as a fighter pilot, how can it not be awesome!