There's never a bad time to hear a positive, inspiring story, and one such story that originated in Minnesota recently went viral.

It involves 13-year-old Jacksen Proell from Brainerd, who was out in July to buy snacks with several friends. He told WCCO-TV that while his friends like to play ding-dong-ditch with doorbell cameras, he suddenly got inspired to do something different and leave a positive message just in case that person needed to hear it.

He approached a stranger's doorbell camera, flicked off a bug, and offered the following words of encouragement:

"You can see me and you matter, alright? There's always gonna be someone that cares about you. And you're a good person. No matter what people say, you matter. (Friend hits doorbell, then runs off). Ignore them. They're losers. They're ding-dong-ditching you. I'm just trying to say something nice. Like, I don't know what they're doing. They're running away and stuff. I'm just trying to say that you matter man, or girl. Whoever you are you matter to someone. Just keep that in mind. Don't forget that."

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Those are certainly inspiring words to hear, especially from a stranger on your doorbell camera, but what makes it even better is the fact that it's a teenager who delivers the words, and with such straightforward sincerity.

You also gotta love how his friends try to play ding-dong-ditch during his speech and he'll have no part in it, as he casually dismisses them as "losers" and reiterates his positive sentiment.

WCCO-TV located Ashley Mann, the homeowner who received the surprise message. She happened to be on vacation when her phone alerted her that someone was at her front door. Needless to say, when she reviewed the video she was very surprised and impressed.

She also knows the power of his words as she works as a mental health guide at Central Lakes College, helping teenagers and young adults in crisis find programs to help them work through their issues. Inspired by what she saw, she shared the video on TikTok and now millions of people from all over the world are finding inspiration in Jacksen Proell's words.

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