Minnesota snowmobiler Levi LaVallee is always up for a new adventure and a new challenge. Early last year he was in Duluth to film a thrilling video which featured Levi flying around Duluth landmarks.

At the time, several personal videos were captured of Levi in the filming process and were shared on social media in anticipation of the what the finished product would look like.

Needless to say, the finished Duluth video turned out really well. 'Turning Port City Into A Snowmobile Thrill Ride' was similar in theme to his 'Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul' video.

LaVallee also shared a very cool perspective on what it's like to jump over a train along the North Shore Scenic Railroad in Duluth.

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Needless to say, since all that excitement in Duluth last year, Levi Lavallee has continued to keep busy and challenge himself.

On Monday, he shared a photo on Facebook of his latest challenge. While LaVallee is no stranger than flying upside down, he has never attempted the Red Bull Loop. Until now.

The big difference here is it is a very tight loop and there is no ramp to take off from to assist in the aerial acrobatics that he in known for.

The key for this challenge is speed and the ability to maintain that necessary speed throughout the full circle so that you can make it all the way around on the track. Check out how Levi did below.

Of course, in true Levi Lavallee fashion, he didn't just take on the Red Bull Loop, but leading up to it he made sure to do some other really cool things. I'm sure it's much like any athlete in that you have to warm up a bit before getting to the real task at hand.

Congratulations to Levi for conquering the Red Bull Loop and we will all await you're next rush-inducing adventure.

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