Two Minnesota hockey dads have broken the Guinness World Record for longest hockey pass and their Guinness certified achievement was captured on video.

Zach Lamppa and Tom Chorske set the record on November 20 of 2018, while the ice was new on Lake of the Isle in Minneapolis.

On his first official attempt Lamppa shattered the old record of 894 feet with a pass that traveled 904 feet and three inches. On the receiving end of the record pass was Minnesota hockey legend Tom Chorske, a former Golden Gopher star and Stanley Cup Champion.

In their press release, Lamppa who grew up in Virginia, Minnesota and now resides in Detroit Lakes said that the record was broken to prove that anyone is capable of doing great things.

Since breaking the record the video has gone viral and the pair have received a lot of fun attention, including an interview on the NHL Network.

The question now, of course, is how long will the record last as more hockey enthusiasts venture out to give it a try?


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