It happens to the best of 'em.

Many are not quite singing the praises of Lady Antebellum after the country stars botched the National Anthem over the weekend. The Grammy winners were tapped to perform the tune at the Predators game against the Winnipeg Jets in Nashville.

The trio started off strong, with Charles Kelley kicking things off. Hillary Scott joined in after a few lines. Shortly after, they all started to harmonize together and that's when Kelley got a bit ahead of himself and sang the wrong line.

The trio kept their composure and finished strong. The internet still wasn't kind though, with viewers and audience members bashing the group and making fun of the mistake.

The award-winners took it all in stride though. After the performance went viral, they posted a comical photo of Scott and Haywood comforting a "crying" Kelley. They captioned the photo with, "Welp. We’re human too y’all. We’re still rooting for ya Preds!!!"

They've all addressed the mishap a few more times on social media since, posting pictures of their families and making little jokes.

I love Lady Antebellum. I understand the press they are getting - it always goes viral when someone messes up the iconic song. At the end of the day, they sounded great. Clearly, Kelley just spaced for a second. I'd rather have that than have someone completely butcher it by being out of tune. Right? It was an honest mistake.

This isn't the first time a country act has fallen victim to social media trolls or an anthem flub. Back in January, Brett Young was roasted on Twitter for his rendition of the anthem at the 2018 NHL All-Star game. Late last year, Tyler Farr's take had many scratching their head.

What do you think - would you rather have the anthem sound great with a lyric flub or have it sound awful with no lyrical mistakes?

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