You are a country Icon and you are on vacation in Ireland, you expect to go into an Irish pub and have a pint, and this happens.

You are invited by the local house musician to sing one of your hit songs!

That really happened to Dolly Parton, and she is one of the nicest people in country music, so of course, she would oblige and sing for the patrons. In a way that only Dolly Parton can do, she grabs the mic and introduces herself (like no one knew who she was) and talks to the crowd. She arranges to do "Coat Of Many Colors" with Joe (the guitar player) and proceeds to do so.

She gave an absolutely wonderful version of the song also explaining the story behind the iconic song. Joe provided the perfect backing track as Dolly Parton entertained the pub patrons. Watch this wonderful performance posted on You Tube.


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