My wife's favorite flower is Stargazer Lilies.  This year as a gift she received some lilies for her birthday.   We displayed them on the kitchen table.  They sat there for a few days, until a crisis appeared out of nowhere yesterday morning.

Our cat, Loca, who has appeared on my blogs many times before came into our room.   She had a different kind of meow that sounded a bit off.   She also was covered with some kind of yellow powder all over her face and neck.

It didn't take us long to realize that she had been eating the pollen and leaves from the lilies.   At first we kind of chuckled because we knew we had to give her a bath.  Things however turned serious in a hurry when we read online that there was a very good chance she would die without immediate treatment.

We took her into the emergency vet and then immediately went to work.  They put charcoal in her stomach to soak up the toxins, and started her on and IV.   Apparently the toxicity causes the cat's kidneys to shut down, causing death. She's spending 2 days with IV to hydrate her and keep her kindeys going.

She should make a full recovery, but at a cost nearing $1000.   So if you have a cat, don't bring lilies into the house.   It's not worth it.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes


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