We've narrowed it down to two ice cribs that are up against each other.  The winner gets a stay at Barker's Island Inn, $100 for dinner out at the shack, and 3 pairs of Smart Wool socks.  (Not to mention every shack we met got $50 in gift certificates too).

So we have Gregg VS. Holly & Jim.  Both houses are home made, and all of the folks were really nice people.

Gregg's ice house was home built and a quick set up with multiple fishing holes, and rattle wheels on every wall.  Built for portability and maximum fishing.

Holly & Jim's ice house is built for pleasure, with a stereo system, solar electricity, fish cam, and more.  (To be fair, they offered me a beer too, I turned it down since I had already had a few).

Check out the video and vote for your favorite below!


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