My aunt who lived in Albuquerque was the first person to introduce me to "meals on wheels".  While I was visiting her as a child I got to accompany her on her weeks delivery.  I remember how proud I was that she had so many friends.  She delivered in their community for years, in fact she was well into her 70's and still delivering.  The opportunity to deliver meals locally is available and I know from experience how fulfilling it is.

She said recipients of the meal looked forward to her visit, little did they know the visit was more than bringing them a meal, my aunt was also had the chance to do a wellness check on them too.  Her meal recipients became close friends, almost like family to her.

There is a local Meals on Wheels program that helps seniors who are home bound and they are in need of volunteers.  It's part of the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency's (AEOA) nutrition program that serves seven counties around the Northland. (Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Mountain Iron, Eveleth, Biwabik, Aurora, International Falls, Moose Lake, and Carlton County).  There are also a few routes available in the Duluth area.

What would you do?  Depending on where you're delivering you would go to the kitchen serving that area to get the food, addresses and information on each senior at 10am.  Deliveries should take less than an hour and you'd be making friendships and keeping some of our community members properly nourished.

Want to ask questions before you commit to volunteering?  Just call the main office at 800.662.5711 ext. 6899 or the Duluth Central Kitchen at 218.727.4321.

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