The Duluth Public Library has been selected to participate in the MN State Parks Library Program.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is teaming up with a handful of libraries across the state, after a competitive application process, to offer the ability to visit Minnesota State Parks for free this summer.

Starting June 1st, the Duluth Public Library will have four Minnesota State Parks passes available to check out for seven-day periods at no charge. Anyone with a Duluth Public Library card is able to take advantage of this benefit.

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When you check out a pass you'll get DNR branded card with the passes' expiration date written on a receipt, simply display this on your car's dashboard for park access. After the expiration date, the pass can be disposed of, there is no need to return it.

Duluth Public Library Supervisor, Renee Zurn says, "The Duluth Public Library is excited to be part of the Minnesota Park Pass Program and very pleased we were selected. These passes make it easier for many of our patrons to visit the parks as the entrance fee won’t be a barrier."

To be eligible for the program, libraries needed to located in a country where either the median household income is less than $58,000 annually, and/or, in a county where more than 40% of residents are enrolled in free and reduced-price lunch program.

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