After a confusing and COVID-controlled 2020, Visit Duluth released their Visitors Guide today and received the shipment for the guides that will be placed around the city for tourists and locals wanting to know what Duluth has to offer.

Last year due to budgets and employee furloughs, the 2020 version did not get mailed out and wasn't made available like in past years. Besides that, everything closed so there wasn't anything to visit. Visit Duluth had some financial woes, as did everyone.

This year brings renewed enthusiasm for what can be this year with businesses opening up and it's happening on a timeline that looks like this summer could be a big tourism year. Duluth has been doing well in magazines and ratings with travel websites. So the tourism industry is gearing up for a year that people are ready to get out and enjoy all that Duluth has to offer.

Chris Allen TSM Duluth
Chris Allen TSM Duluth

The Visitor Guide highlights places to go, things to see, places to eat, good places to stay to make their Duluth visit something to be remembered. The guide gives a little history, websites, and even gives a list of things that can be enjoyed for a limited time so people can plan their stay in the city, for example, the Bayfront Blues Festival.

The fun part for me was looking at things in this guide that were canceled last year that I am excited to see come back. Some of the smaller art things and things happening on Park Point and at the Bayfront.

If you would like a digital copy you can see it here, or you can drop by the Visit Duluth office and pick up a physical copy.

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