Vikre Distillery in Duluth is trying to help give customers a chance to be their own craft drinks bartender. Vikre first came up with the craft cocktail kits during the pandemic in order to help keep their business going and now figured this would be a great idea to continue making these kits for the holidays.

Emily and James Vikre had been living on the East Coast for years when they decided to move back home to Duluth. She recently wrote her first book, Camp Cocktails, Easy, Fun, and Delicious Recipes for the Great Outdoors! With the clean cold water of Lake Superior, they have become the destination for delicious craft cocktails.

The Vikre Distillery has recently gone through some renovations,  including moving its bar completely upstairs, plus they created a cocktail lounge area on the lower level and have been adding table service. They're located at an awesome location 525 Lake Avenue South right at the base of the lift bridge in Duluth.

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Vikre sells their regular cocktail kits but now has their holiday-themed ones too one of which is cranberry ginger mules. Each kit will make about 4 to 6 drinks and includes Vikre-distilled alcohol, syrups, and other fresh ingredients that they make that same day that you purchase it.

Jordan Decker from Vikre Distillery said to FOX21:

People have really really enjoyed it. We often do themed kits around whatever the holiday is, or the time of year, so we have a lot of great holiday kits right now that we’re going to keep offering through Christmas and the New Year.

This is a fantastic gift idea for the amateur bartender on your holiday list. With friends and family gathering together for the holidays at people's homes this would be a great addition to your holiday cheer to serve your family and guests.

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