Puerto Rico was hit hard by Hurricane Maria back in September.  Power was out and they struggled to get crews together to fix the massive damage.  MN Power was one of many companies that sent crews down to help with the damage.  After 5 months, Puerto Rico resident Lluminado Rivera Ruiz had his power restored and was overjoyed thanking the crew that helped him.


Another wave of workers from MN Power and Superior Water Light and Power have arrived and are continuing to work on restoring power.

As of earlier this month, Puerto Rico still had a third of it's population without power as the infrastructure was decimated by Maria.

Hurricane Maria was the strongest hurricane to make landfall on the island in 85 years. Many homes now are still covered with tarps for roofs and it's been a painfully slow recovery for residents.

With Puerto Rico being an island, it's brought logistical problems slowing down the repair process.  A big thanks to MN Power for stepping up and helping these people.

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