The world needs more of this!  A Facebook post from What's Up Ely, MN has been shared nearly 1,000 times of a T-Rex shoveling snow.  This comes after our latest batch of snow in the Northland where many areas received over a foot of snow.

The video was taken outside Legacy Toys in Ely where the employees were just having some fun.  The comments on Facebook have been overwhelmingly positive, saying it's something that will keep them smiling all day.

A lot of these T-Rex costumes have been showing up with people having fun.  The person behind the costume in this one is Legacy Toy store manager Josh Forsman.  Not only did he shovel the sidewalk in front of his store, but he also drove around town and shoveled some other people's snow.  All of this while in costume of course.  Nice work Josh.

Who knew a T-Rex could shovel snow with those short arms?  Thanks Mr. T-Rex!


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