Police are investigating a video that was shared on Facebook that shows an alleged assault that took place. Following that video is another post of the person bragging about the assault. He states about the fact that he owed him money and had previous arguments.

According to WDIO, Duluth Superintendent Bill Gronseth has said they are working with the police to investigate the matter. Another news station CBS3 spoke with the victim's mother and refuted claims that he "never stole and never talked crap " about the assailant.

The school district said there should be more information shared publicly this afternoon.

Warning, the following video is disturbing with graphic violence and language.

*Editor's Note: Any claims or commentary from the post author that were made in the original Facebook post about either person involved in this incident have not been substantiated as of the time of this post. In sharing these videos, we are not endorsing the opinions or information from the person that shared this post.

The video was also shared with a second video of the alleged assailant talking about his actions. Note that this video has crude language.

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