It took a whole entire year to complete, but a group from the American Legion Auxiliary in Two Harbors managed to collect 36 bags or approximately 90 pounds of pop-tops that they dropped off this past weekend at the Northland Ronald McDonald House in Duluth.

Zandra Davenport who is the Chairman for Children in Youth at the American Legion Auxiliary said that these pop tabs actually weigh more than cans, and are cleaner too. These will be recycled and turned into money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Nancy Hopper, President of the American Legion Auxiliary said to WDIO: 

I have been an Auxiliary member for 60 some years and this is one of my favorite projects because you get to help people and it’s not just the veterans we are helping. We are helping everybody—communities and families.

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This Ronald McDonald House opened back in February and is the first one in this area. The Northland House is in Essentia Hospital near downtown Duluth and according to their website : "is a five-bedroom home which provides families of pediatric patients in need with a comfortable and nearby place to stay, play and heal together. The house provides private overnight rooms for up to five families, and serves nine meals a week to each family—all at no cost to them. "

Given the fact that Essentia Duluth hospital is a major hub for many patients outside of the immediate area what a comfort for these families to have a place to stay and also be close to their child right there in the hospital. Thank you to all the volunteers that donate their time and skills at Ronald McDonald House it is such an amazing place that is so important for these families and our community.

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