I put it out and got an answer. Selfie stick girl is Adessa Nelson. She was in the front when Little Big Town reached down not once but twice to take some selfie pictures of the band. So what was the story?

The band reached down and saw Adessa had a selfie stick. A contraption that allows you to take selfies with a button on the bottom to take the picture. (You can clearly see how it works by checking out some of the pictures in the gallery)

When the band went to take a selfie, they dropped the stick. It broke and they tried to put it back together but they couldn't get anything going and didn't get a selfie for Adessa. Bummer!! Adessa was great to talk to when she called and told me the story, she had such a great time at the show and even gave B105 a shameless plug with her camera.

Adess shared some other great photos of her experience at the concert. Thanks again Adessa for contacting me and for letting us be a part of the concert with you.