Have you read about my dilemma?  I bought ONE t-shirt at the Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert, but ended up paying $70 because I was charged for two and didn't check my receipt before signing?  Well, I have an update that involves both the credit card company and the Arnie Barn which is the company that sells t-shirts and souvenirs and the concert merch tables.

I was devastated to find I had signed the receipt that charged me for two shirts when I had only purchased one, but what could I do about it?  After being encouraged to call my credit card company, things ended up in my favor, but not without some time and frustration.  Get up to speed on what happened here.


I called the credit card company and told them the story, admitting it was my fault. The $70 charge hadn't been run yet so they suggested I called the company name at the top of my receipt.  So, I called the Arnie Barn and talked to a gal who said I wasn't the only one over charged that evening and that she had gotten other calls similar to mine.  She claimed she would look into and get back to me.

Well, I waited a week, tried to call her a couple times and left messages but never heard back so I called my credit card company again.  This time, the $70 charge showed up.  After hearing my story and laughing at me, they told me they would recoup my $35.  I called the gal at the Arnie Barn and again, left a voice mail stating that the credit card company was refunding my the portion of my charge that was incorrect, just so it wouldn't screw up their accounting and again, didn't hear from them.

Then one day, two weeks later I got the call of apology.  I told her that the credit card company had credit me and admitted once again, that it was my fault for not checking the receipt before I signed.  She insisted on giving me something for my trouble.  After arguing that it wasn't necessary and she insisting, I received what you'll see in the video below.

Thanks to Kenny Chesney, the Arnie Barn and my credit card company.  What had been a sinking feeling of losing $35 showed me that my credit card company DOES stand behind me and that companies DO try to make things right with the customer.


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