Haven't heard of Ben Gallaher? You will soon. You can bet on that!

The up-and-coming country star is signed with Sony Music Nashville. He was in town to perform at The Other Place Bar & Grill last week and was kind enough to stop by and hang out with The Breakfast Club Friday morning!

We learned a lot about the future superstar. He loves Eric Church and Matthew McConaughey, for starters. He also tried Caribou Coffee for the first time and was a big fan. He can also sing like crazy.

While hanging with the morning crew, we surprised him by playing his single for the first time. He was super excited and we were too! The song is called 'Good Guys Win' and hasn't officially hit the airwaves yet. (You can see him perform a bit of it in the video above.)

After his gig on the show, he played us a few songs. The first one he performed is his debut single, as mentioned above, and the other is a tune called 'Ain't Enough Whiskey.' I told him I loved this song and said he should put it on his upcoming album.

Gallaher's EP is out now. Watch him sing a few tunes above!

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