Grandma's Marathon is about 5 weeks away and if you're wondering where you'll stay or if you have guests coming you have no room to accommodate comfortably, Grandma's Marathon has suggestions for you. On-campus housing at our colleges and universities.

Of course if you are looking for hotel/motel amenities, the best thing to do would be to "call" (not book online) to make sure all your questions are answered.  You'll want to know if there is shuttle transportation to and from the marathon the day of the event.  Some of the hotels/motels require a multi-night stay, meaning you can't just book for Saturday, you would need to do a Friday/Saturday night combo.  But, there is an alternative is you don't mind sharing bathroom facilities with other marathoners.  It's lodging at one of our colleges or universities in town.

With the race at 5 weeks away, reservation are being taken now at the following:

UMD's Summer Campus Rentals is FULL at this time, however you can get on a waiting list.

The College of St. Scholastica's Campus Rentals only has apartment accommodation left, that will house 2-4 people.

UW-Superior's Campus Rentals also has bus service information on their website.

Marshall School Campus Rentals also provides a light breakfast, but is not a pick-up/drop-off location for Grandma's Marathon buses. Parking is free though.  They suggest you visit to determine the best pick-up/drop-off location

There is also RV, overnight & multiple day parking is available in the DECC parking lot which is where runners will board the buses to take them to the starting lines.

A good night sleep before the marathon is a must.  I feel for athletes that come from out of town and need to look for suitable accommodations, adequate food and other things they need to seek out to make their run be the best it can be.  I hope this information is helpful, remember you can always call the Marathon office at 218-727-0947 if you have any questions, they've probably heard it all before :)  Best of luck on June 16 & 17, depending on which race you're running!

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