I really don't have any words for this one.

Two men are wanted in connection to a botched burglary at a bar in Winona, Minnesota. The attempted burglary occurred around this time last year and let's just say some things didn't go as planned.

According to local media reports, the duo entered the bar in masks, grabbing two pull tab boxes that were located behind the counter. One robber was grabbing them while the other held onto a bag.

After some shuffling, reports say the bag in question fell to the ground. It wasn't a gun in the bag but an air freshener. It wasn't even a full air freshener, but a fragment of one. What?!

Basically, these men tried to act like they were holding up a bar while armed when all they were really packing was part of an air freshener. Ugh.

So why is this in the news now? Because warrants were just issued for the two men in connection to the case.

Winona Daily News says the men may have been customers in the bar just minutes before the attempted robbery. One of them tried to act like the air freshener was a handgun at one point before fleeing the scene.


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