I was at my friend Stephanie's house and had to use the rest room.  Now, I'm pretty verse and can find my way around a home bathroom pretty good, but Stephanie's confused me to the point I had to open the door and question:  Do I push the right button or the left button?  WHAT???

Well, that brought the other guests  in the house barreling into her bathroom to see what I could possibly be talking about.  Have you heard of a water efficiency toilet?

Toilets are the number one water guzzler in our homes using 30% of household water consumption.  Now there's a new breed of toilets on the market and my friend Steph, while confusing family and friends, is saving the planet and money.  Smart girl!

As I researched these water efficient toilets I found that there are several different kinds to choose from.  Her's just happened to have two buttons.  Best way to explain it delicately is that one button is if you go #1 and uses less water to flush and the other button is if you go #2 and more water is used when flushing.  Who knew?

Do you own a water efficient toilet and if so, do you like it and does it save your family money???

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