Police in the Twin Cities suburb of Woodbury are piecing together two separate auto thefts that were done by two 13-year-old children. I for one am baffled at how a 13-year-old child could drive a car in the first place in a busy suburban area but thankfully they have been caught and no one was injured in the process.

According to Bring Me The News the Woodbury Public Safety Department the first of two auto thefts occurred around 1 pm this past Saturday when the victim was unloading items from their KIA in their driveway when a young male approached them and hooped in the vehicle driving off with the key fob still inside. The victim tried to hold onto the door to get them to stop when the teen drove off and they eventually had to let go of the vehicle door. The Kia was found later in St. Paul.

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The next day Woodbury officers spotted two vehicles driving at a high rate of speed on Interstate 94 they went after one of the vehicles which was a Cadillac that had been stolen from White Bear Township but had to stop the pursuit due to the situation being too dangerous.

But luckily for the officers for some reason, the vehicle stopped working and 3 juvenile males hopped out of the vehicle and ran. Officers from Woodbury, Oakdale, and the State Patrol caught two of them. Both of the people arrested were 13-year-old males one who has previous car thefts on his record but due to his age no more information was released. The officers were able to connect the two suspects to the stolen KIA  because, inside the Cadillac, officers also found a Kia key fob and garage door openers — both from the Woodbury auto theft the day before.

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