The Virginia Minnesota Police Department has added a new device to their arsenal to help assist in stopping suspects in a non lethal manner, and actually it seems like something out of a science fiction movie . It is called a BolaWrap that when activated shoots an 8 foot Kevlar cable that shoots at a speed of 513 feet per second. The cable has weights on both ends that wrap themselves around a subjects arms or legs at a distance of up to 25 feet.

What comes to mind to me is Wonder Woman and her "Golden Lasso" which not only restrained the subject but would make them tell the truth. But in all seriousness whatever officers can use to deescalate a situation in a manner that does not cause physical harm is a positive thing. There are barbs on the ends of the wire which could cause some type of cut or abrasion, but no injuries have been reported yet from this device.

Virginia Police Chief Nicole Young-Mattson stated "With the new mandates coming down in law enforcement for de-escalation, I highly recommend it. It's just something you have to have on your duty belt." Back in November of 2020 a police officer from Virginia had responded to a scene where a man fled during transport to a hospital for a mental health crisis hold. Initially the man did not comply with the  police officers orders so the Bola wrap was released. (See Video below)

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Young-Mattson said she first saw the BolaWrap being demonstrated at a Minnesota police chiefs' conference and said the Virginia Police Department has carried the devices for about a year now. It costs about $1,000 to train and equip an officer with this device. Right now 303 law enforcement agencies in 45 states either carry or are internally testing the BolaWrap.  I am not sure how much tasers cost, but this would seem to be an additional piece of equipment most departments would want on hand if their budgets allowed.

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