On July 22, the Minnesota Twins turned the first triple play ever recorded at Target Field.  Just over two weeks later, they did it again and the same pitcher was on the mound.

In their August 7 afternoon game against the Atlanta Braves, with Martín Pérez on the mound, the Twins found found themselves with the bases loaded with nobody out.  They again found a quick way out of the jam.

Triple plays are rare, so to turn two in under three weeks is an amazing feat.  Of course, the first time was special in that it was against the New York Yankees and they won the game. This time, Pérez had already put the Twins in a 6-0 hole and they would go on to lose the game 11-7.

The Twins will now host the Cleveland Indians for a 4-game series at Target Field and they'll need to get far better pitching performances through the weekend or they'll find themselves out of first place by Monday.

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