The Minnesota Twins wrapped up their 2018 season Sunday at Target Field and they did something special for Joe Mauer in what many expect to be his final game.

Hometown hero and fan favorite Joe Mauer spent many years as a the Twins catcher when he came into the league.  He is the only catcher to win an American League Batting Title, and it's something he did three times.

However, playing catcher took a toll on Mauer's body and once he started having concussion issues, the Twins smartly moved him to first base to extend his career.

Sunday, in the final inning in what is likely Mauer's final game, the Minnesota Twins put Joe in to catch one last time.  The fans took to their feet and the rest of the team stayed in the dugout so Mauer could enjoy the spotlight he rightly deserves.  It was an emotional moment that brought many to tears, including the man of the hour.

Twins won the game over the Chicago White Sox 5-4, and Mauer finished the year batting a very respectable .282.

I was in Minneapolis this past weekend and I made a point to visit Target Field Saturday night despite the cold weather so that I could see Joe Mauer play again in case he did decide to retire. It was time and money well spent.

Mauer oddly became the target of some fan's anger with the Twins in recent years, but not mine.  He lead with class and professionalism while providing the team with leadership, quality at-bats and defense.  If you're teaching your kids how to hit a baseball, you can't find a better stance and swing the Joe Mauer.

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