Twins games at Target Field are a lot of fun, but dealing with parking downtown Minneapolis can be a hassle.  The Twins have announced a new option that should make parking easier.

The Twins have partnered with ParkWhiz to offer fans the option to find, book and pay for parking spaces in advance before reaching the stadium.

According to the press release:

Known as the fastest and most convenient way for drivers to find and book parking before reaching their destination, ParkWhiz can save drivers up to 50 percent off standard rates. It’s simple to use: just visit Target Field’s website, select the date and time, book and pay.

I think this sounds like a very convenient option, but I would still recommend getting to the ballpark early.  I would assume there are still plenty of people who will not pay for parking in advance so while your spot is reserved, you may still have to wait in a line to enter your parking garage of choice.

Also, remember to take your time getting back to your parking spot after the game so  you don't have to wait in a line of cars to exit.  The good news is that it's easy to do since Target Field offers so many great things to see, eat and do, as does downtown Minneapolis.

Hannah Foslien, Getty Images
Hannah Foslien, Getty Images








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