One Twin Cities Restaurant is sick and tired of rude customers, so much so the owner jumped on Facebook Live to rant about it.

Francine Weber owns Milton's Vittles, Vino and Beer in Crystal, just outside of Minneapolis, and she's not happy with people "not taking into consideration the whole COVID thing."

She says that people are being mean and "it's happening so much" that she says that she "is seriously contemplating NOT having inside open." But says that "outside is going very well."

Weber says that people are complaining about everything from increased prices to why certain menu items are missing. She says that they are just doing the best that she and her staff are just doing the best they can given the circumstances.

She says that she is no longer going to tolerate it and she will start asking people to leave if she sees or hears anyone being rude to others or her staff.

She isn't the only one, I've talked to other small business owners that are seeing the same thing, and are equally as frustrated with rude, ungrateful customers.

This has got to STOP, these small businesses are doing the best they can to keep people employed, keep customers happy and trying to just keep their business alive in many cases, so everyone just needs to be more patient and thankful that they are open for you to enjoy and escape the everyday BS that we are ALL dealing with.

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