Canal Park has a new edition and it is certainly unique.

Flagship is a new apparel store but it is unlike anything else in the area. The shop is different in that it specializes in live screen printing, quality apparel and original designs. The store also incorporates several local elements in everything it does.

The owner previously told B105 that he believes deeply in the product, saying, "We aren't going to put something on our shelves that we aren't going to be wearing ourselves."

Flagship has eight unique apparel collections. According to their website, the collections "tell the stories of Duluth and the surrounding Minnesota areas through the eyes of local artists."

The company is also a big part of the community, partnering with local businesses and supporting environmental causes in the area.

The store is located at 345 South Lake Avenue in Duluth. It can be found right next to Adventure Zone.

I headed down to Canal Park this week to check it out for myself and learn a little bit more about what makes the business tick. Learn more about the new edition above.

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