Why is it more important than ever to support St. Jude? That's a fair question with a simple answer.

The last year has been challenging and then some. You may have gotten sick, cared for a loved one, lost a job, struggled to pay your rent or mortgage, stretched to work and school your child at home, or worried about your family's safety every time someone knocked on the door. Our country was in turmoil, and every time we turn on the news, it's something awful again.

But as Darius Rucker recently told us, kids are still getting sick. Families are still battling cancer, and St. Jude is still fighting their battles alongside them, at no cost. St. Jude won't stop until there is no more cancer, but they need your support. They need the country music family to rally once again to ensure the world-renowned, life-saving therapy and research continues for the next 50 years.

The We Won't Stop T-shirt is St. Jude's token of gratitude for anyone who signs up to become a partner in hope. Tap the button below and enjoy photos of some of country's biggest stars who've made the We Won't Stop promise.

See Country Stars Who Know #StJudeWontStop

See Country Stars Who Know #StJudeWontStop

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