Every once in a while a story goes viral locally about a creep stalking a woman and her children at a local Walmart. The fear in this posts is that they were trying to snatch their children for human trafficking. It's a terrifying thought for a parent that someone could nab their kids while they are shopping or in the parking lot of a department store. I know it got me worked up pretty quick.

But in reality, those stories probably aren't true or they have been extremely exaggerated. A lot of the times people will see someone who might be staring at them, or appear to be following them. It might just be paranoia. Now, that's not saying you shouldn't always be on the lookout. It could happen, but it really isn't happening right now. If people were successfully nabbing kids there would be a lot more coverage on that. Human Trafficking is a HUGE problem. It really is, but this isn't the tried and true method traffickers get their victims.

Sadly, human traffickers target homeless teens. They lure young drug addicted or broken adults and earn their trust over time. So if you're really worried about human trafficking you should know be educated on it.

Now like I said before, it's important for you to always be alert and aware of your surroundings. It's a good idea to look out for other people and be ready to help if someone needs it. But if you're worried that kids are being nabbed from Walmarts across the country, this isn't how human trafficking really happens.


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