This is one senior prank for the books.

It all happened at at a high school in Cumberland, Wisconsin. It was so convincing the local police department is calling it "one of the best senior pranks" that they have seen, even adding that the prank made them nervous at first.

With a quick look at the photos, it is easy to see why!

Seniors at the high school took an old car and several bricks to make it look like the car crashed into the side of the school, conveniently located just outside the principal's office.

Fear not! It wasn't actually a big crash. The students used tape and a black tarp to create the illusion that the car indeed crashed through the building, leaving a giant hole in its wake.

There was actually no damage at all to the school or the surrounding property but it did give everyone a scare.

The school posted the pictures and accompanying story to their Facebook page earlier this week and it wasn't long before the prank went viral.

The pranksters also had another aim in mind when they staged the scene: bringing awareness to underage drinking.

Since the prank went viral, the story has been covered by several national news outlets, including Fox News, CNN and USA Today.

I don't remember my class ever doing a big senior prank when I was in high school. I wish that we did though because it would have been amazing - and I love pranks!

Check out the pictures in the gallery below.

Pictures: Epic Senior Prank

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