It seems Bigfoot is a big fan of Northern Minnesota! We can't say we blame him.

With all the talk about aliens lately, I started thinking about other supernatural creatures - like Bigfoot. Back in July, a Minnesota resident reported seeing Bigfoot in St. Louis County. This got me thinking - which part of Minnesota has the most Bigfoot sightings?

The answer? St. Louis County. Woah!

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization collects reports from residents in each different state who claim to have seen the mythical creature. From there, they categorize the sightings by state, date reported, etc.

Looking at a map of Minnesota's Bigfoot sightings, one county clearly sticks out and that is ours! St. Louis County has twenty reported Bigfoot sightings. No other county even comes close. Itasca County has the second most sightings and residents there still have only half the number of sightings as St. Louis County.

What is interesting is that most, if not all, reported sightings of Bigfoot take place in Northern Minnesota. Is it because there are less people or because he simply likes the beautiful scenery? I guess we will never know!

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