This last Sunday afternoon my wife and I went on a kid free date to grab a Bloody Mary and some appetizers. I am kind of particular in what I like in a Bloody Mary. For me it has to have some "goodies" in it. At a minimum the drink should have a dill pickle and olives. A beef stick is always appreciated, and sometimes you get lucky with a few extra things. This Bloody Mary had it all.

The bar I'm talking about is the Dawghouse. It's located in Canyon, Minnesota on Highway 53. Canyon is a small town, as the Dawghouse is pretty much the only thing in town. This bar & restaurant was hopping though on a Sunday. Lots of people drive their ATVs to the place for lunch or a quick drink. I can see why it's so busy.

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The Bloody Mary came with all sorts of stuff. It had a stick of celery with cheese whiz on it, a huge beef stick, a shrimp, pickle, asparagus, & olive. The mix was spot on, and it even came with a miniature bottle of Miller High Life. That's a nice touch. The cost of the Bloody Mary was $8. Considering that you basically get two drinks out o f it and all the goodies, I think it's a fair price. I almost got a second one!

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

We ordered some boneless chicken wings and French fries. Wow, where they good! We got the parmesean garlic wings and they were top notch. The fries were very good too. It really was fantastic food.

I also want to give a shout out to the staff. They were amazing. I think there were only a cook and the bartender, but they kept up with everyone. Service at a lot of places has been lacking following the labor shortage, but Deanna did a great job handling the whole bar and restaurant.

If you haven't tried the Dawghouse make sure you do. They've got their special Dawg Days coming up on September 10, too.

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