Ken and I were talking all things Grammy's on the show Tuesday morning. The nominations were set to come out later in the morning and I was giving all my big predictions. (P.S. I was way off!)

One of my big predictions was that Jon Pardi would score his first nomination. I thought he'd score a nomination or two in the country categories for "Dirt On My Boots" and maybe a place in Best New Artist. There is usually a country artist in there and I thought he would be the one to hold that candle this year. Ken completely disagreed with me and thought there was no way he would be nominated. We bet coffee on it.

It turns out that he was not nominated and I lost the bet. I am not a sore loser so I held up my end of the bargain. I went to get him coffee (and hash browns, he decided) during the Breakfast Club to prove that I am a woman of my word.

Hopefully I will win the next one and congratulations to all the nominees!

Watch my adventure here:

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