I saw this on Facebook today that some of my Iron Range friends shared, and I thought it was too good not to bring up. Steve Solkela is a young man originally from Palo, MN (not far where I come from) and he is one heck of a musician and singer. On his last day home for the summer he performed a song that struck a chord with me, "Iron Ore."

With the backdrop of the old Soudan Underground Mine, he played his accordion and sang his tune he penned that payed tribute to his great grandfather who came to Northern Minnesota in his own search for the American Dream. I can relate to this in many ways as my family came here for the same reason. In fact my own great grandfather was a superintendent at that same mine.

I grew up with the ethnic sounds of accordions and polka masses on the Iron Range, and it is very cool to see someone carry on the tradition, and even write new music. Nice job Steve, and keep it up!  We'll look forward to your return home!


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