I recently went around and asked people, 'Whats the ONE thing you never have when you need it?"  I think we can all relate to these answers.

  • Plunger

    If you don't have a plunger when you need it, it's never a good thing.   Not to mention, going through the checkout at the store with just a plunger typically tells the world exactly what just happened.

  • Cough Drops

    I find cough drops everywhere when I don't need them.  But when I've got a cough, they are nowhere to be found.

  • Phone Charger

    2% battery life left = 2% chance of finding a charger.  100% chance of an important call you're waiting on.

  • Unoccupied Toilet

    When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  • Money

    Ok, this is kind of hard to find all of the time.

  • Q-Tip

    There are piles of these around until you have something stuck in your ear and you need one.  Then they vanish.

  • Tide To Go Pen

    You've got an important meeting after lunch, but you spill a bit.  That Tide To Go pen in your desk drawer has someone vanished, or dried up.

  • Toothpick

    This one was mentioned several times in the survey.  It's not like they are easy to carry around in your pocket, either.

  • Matches or Lighter

    I'm astonished that even smokers run into this problem.

  • Tweezers

    There are gnomes that go into our bathroom and steal these and hide them.

  • Lactaid - Poor Ian

    Ian answered Lactaid.  He's lactose intolerant and has missed out on many pizza parties because of this.

  • Pen

    "Hold on, let me get a pen to write this down." - 3 hours later.

  • Gum

    Bad breath and no gum gives you an insecure feeling.

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