Today Cathy once again brought up farts.  She farts a lot.  Most of them are little gerbil farts, but they come in on the list too.  Wait, I think I've confused her with me.  Anyway, we all fart.  Let's get over it.

I had a listener today email a funny fart article.  I did a little more research and found some interesting stuff, like which animals fart the most?  Ever wondered?  Here's the list:

1.  Termites - These little insects not only chew away your house, but they release more methane than cows do.  Holy Farts!

2.  Camels - They do more than spit.  They are obnoxious from the other end too.

3.  Zebras- Good thing they don't wear underwear, they may have stripes there too.

4.  Sheep- Baaaaahhh....   phhhhbbblllllllllllbbbbbbpppppp.

5.  Cows- What else are they gonna do.  They eat, fart, and sleep.

6.  Elephants- Don't ever stand behind an elephant in line.  Their butts are at our face level.

7.  Labradors/Retrievers- Yeah dog farts are the worst.  But also the funniest ones to laugh at.

8.  Vegetarian Humans- Congratulations on not eating meat for 5 years, and your butt stinks.

9.  Non Vegetarian Humans- Ok, well maybe stink just a tad more than me.

10.  Gerbils. There's a Richard Gere joke in there somewhere.   Let's not go there.  Like the Gerbil did.