Our list of The Ten Commandments Of Top The Tater went viral, and we had a lot of requests to make a video of it.  Yes, it's over the top, but it's also all about a dip that's over the top.

Watch the video below, and follow along on the Ten Commandments.

I Thou Shalt Not Call It "Top OF The Tater"

II Thou Shall Use Wavy or Rippled Chips When Dipping

III  Thou Shalt Not Double Dip

IV Thou Shalt Not Dip Doritos Into Container

V Thou Shalt Not Put Almost Empty Container Back In The Fridge

VI Thou Shall Replace Top The Tater If Thou Eats Last Of It

VII Thou Shall Remove The Plastic Seal And Throw It Away

VIII Thou Shall Spread The Good Word of Top The Tater to Outsiders

IX Thou Shall Aide Relatives Who Are Marooned In Top The Taterless Areas

X  Thou Shalt Not Put Any Other Dips Before Top The Tater

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