It was the flub seen and heard around the world. It is better known as Envelopegate 2017.

Last year, the biggest award of the night accidentally went to the wrong movie. Best Picture is the last award given out during the telecast each year. There was some confusion among the presenters, as they were handed the wrong envelope. La La Land was crowned the winner and as the cast and crew were giving thanks, they were interrupted and told the winner was actually Moonlight. The win itself wasn't shocking: the two movies had gone head to head all award season but this was something that had NEVER happened before. The Academy made major changes after the snafu.

I can't lie - it was one of the best moments of live television ever. It has already gone down in history as such. Judging by the new trailer, it seems the Academy Awards are in on the joke.

They released it yesterday along with details for the big night! It also features clips from this year's standout movies and likely nominees.

I always make it a mission to watch every movie that is nominated. I still have a few left from last year so I better catch up!

I doubt the Oscars can live up to the infamy of last year but my fingers are crossed for another big, entertaining moment. (It's live television - anything can happen!)

The Oscars will air March 4th at 8 p.m. It's sure to be good! Watch the trailer below:

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