Sunday night the Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles.  Michael Keaton will be there as Best Actor nominee for his role in the movie "Birdman", which is also up for several other awards including Best Picture.

We know Keaton is terrific in the movie, but how good will he be with scripts written by children?  Jimmy Fallon decided to find out.

Jimmy asked kids to write a script for a movie called "Birdman", and that's it.  He didn't tell them what the movie should be about or who else should be in it.  The results are of course funny, especially when Jimmy acts out a few of the scripts with Michael Keaton.

Enjoy the video and watching the Oscars Sunday night.  I personally want Keaton to win the Best Actor award.  "Birdman" was a great, but challenging movie to watch.  The performances were great and I love movies that leave their ending up to interpretation.  "Birdman" did just that.



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