It all started when we asked for open nominations for the best musical act in the Northland.  We said it could be a band, a duo, a singer/songwriter, etc.

After getting hundreds of nominees, the 5 talented artists who received the most were moved into the finals.  It turns out they were all bands and after several weeks of voting, we have a winner.

The poll was set so that you could vote once per day for your favorite.  For awhile it was a 2 band race between Rage N' Country and Tempted Fate.  Then, our winning band rallied their fans and pulled it out in a photo finish.

Congratulations to the champion, from Superior, Crescent Moon!

Crescent Moon - Facebook
Crescent Moon - Facebook

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and to all the finalists.  This was a fun process and showed that we have a lot of talent in the area.

Final Results:

Crescent Moon - 26.80%

Rage N Country - 26.43%

Tempted Fate - 19.56%

Christopher David Hanson Band - 17.93%

Average Mammals - 9.28%

We will be sure to do this again to see if Crescent Moon can maintain their title of Best Band In The Northland.


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