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I feel like this will be a never ending debate between Americans. Every single year it seems to get earlier and earlier in the year that major companies say they're releasing their pumpkin spice stuff. It used to be just pumpkin spice lattes, but my oh my, how far we have come!

Now, you can get just about anything pumpkin flavored, from pumpkin spice Oreos to pumpkin spice brisket BBQ. It has become an endless treasure trove on the internet, as well, for memes. It's hard to tell nowadays what is real and what is a fake funny pumpkin spice thing. I saw an ad for pumpkin spice diapers the other day, I'm assuming it is a joke, but the lines are so blurred these days, who really knows?

Speaking of pumpkin spice Oreos, Nabisco says they come out on August 15 this year. That is really early! Also, rumor has it that the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte will be back on August 30 this year, but you didn't hear that from me (unless it's correct).

With all that being said, I need to know how you feel on this very important subject:

PICTURES: See Inside America's Jaw-Dropping Most Expensive Home

A staggering estate listed as "America's most expensive home" is currently listed for sale in Bel Air, Calif., for $295 million, and pictures show a one-of-a-kind home that's almost impossibly elaborate and massive. The 100,000-square-foot, 29-bedroom, 41-bathroom home will be the most expensive private residence sale in the U.S. if it brings that price, and that price tag comes with every conceivable amenity, including a private nightclub, full-service beauty salon, wellness spa, 10,000-square-foot sky deck, 400-foot glass-walled outdoor running track with a view of the city and a private movie theater with seating for more than 40 people.

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