I had to renew my drivers license the other day.  Of course, it's that anxiety of how terrible your photo is going to look.  My photo always looks bad.  Seriously bad.  Like it adds 50 pounds to me, and I'm already not slim to begin with. Well I finally got my license back, and the photo is terrible once again.  But now I know why.

First off, I'm not photogenic.  I really wish I was.  That's a big part of this.  But secondly the camera angle is probably the worst angle you could pick.  I noticed this when I had to look down at the camera.  They said look at the light, and it was a good 2 feet lower.  I suppose this is for short people, so they don't have to adjust.  For us tall people, it's like the camera is pointing at you from the desktop.  And here's what that looks like.

(Me, looking terrible)



Now, we take the same photo, but from eye level, and here's what it looks like:


Not as bad right?  Still not photogenic, but an improvement.  Next time I renew my license I'm gonna squat.


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