Ok, where to start.  First, I personally am not a fan of rompers on my own body, they can be uncomfortable and if you have to go to the bathroom one side of said romper will  inevitably end up laying in a pool of God only knows what on the public restroom floor.  There's good and bad when it comes to rompers for guys, here they are and you decide.

The trend is new and they have tongue in cheek named them romphim (get it?).  Now I'm not complaining that they've taken a piece of clothing deemed feminine because females owe males that much.  After all chicks wear flannel shirts, boxer shorts, we even have "boy" shorts, so they are entitled to take a piece of feminine clothing and have at it.  I'm just surprised that dudes would choose the romper.

I mean, don't bend over in it.  That inner seam binds females, I can only imagine what it would do with a set of twig and berries.  Color-wise it shouldn't be a problem since they can be made out of any color or type of material.  I think it would actually be a plus for guys when they use the restroom.  They wouldn't have to take the whole romper down, they could just unbutton or unzip.  Well, at least for one thing they wouldn't have to take it all the way down.

One consideration would be what to wear on their feet.  Girls that wear rompers can rock a pair of heels to be sexy or a pair of dressy flats or even a cute pair of white tennis for that, well....let's romp look.  Guys?  Cowboy boots might cut it depending on the material, but I imagine there will be those guys that do the white socks with sandals thing and that definitely wouldn't cut it.

I really don't care if guys wear rompers or not, but the first few I see I'll probably stare, just until I get use to it.  Wait, is this something I can get use to??????

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