Ha, show this blog to your kids and they'll be saying the same thing we are about the latest trend of fidget spinners.  What the heck?  What's the point?  What do you get out of it?   I started thinking about the finger fidgets I've had throughout the years and came to the conclusion there is usually one per era, here's my cache of them, did you have these?

I tried a fidget spinner and likened it to a a vertical spinning top.  I asked if there were tricks you could learn with it like the yo-yo's we use to play with and can appreciate people who spent the money to own one but can also understand why they have been banned in some classrooms.  Finger fidgets have been around for years, in fact I own three eras of them.  I want to know if you remember these, had them or still have them like I do (which I have no idea why I do)!


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