The flood of June 2012 changed so many lives and the structure of the Northland.  To this day we are still dealing with it's affect.  Personally, I now have a basement that leaks (as many people do) due to warmer temps and snow melting.  My electric bill will be atrocious  because our wet/dry vac is running continuously.  Much of the Northland was restructured including our stream, rivers and creeks and the City of Duluth is asking for your suggestions as they prepare to stabilize the banks of Stewart Creek.  Ideas?

For 30 days the City of Duluth is accepting public comments during a  public review period.  It begins this coming Monday, March 17 to April 16.  Your comments will be based on an Environmental Assessment Worksheet that was prepared specifically for the Stewart Creek Bank Stabilization project.

This project goal is to stabilize stream banks and restore the channel of Stewart Creek. The City of Duluth and South St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District will restore 588 feet of stream channel to a natural pool and riffle state and remove debris upstream of a culvert.

Review the EAW information on the environmental impacts of this stabilization project on the immediate surrounding area to help formulate suggestions.

Additional hard copies of the EAW are available for public review at:

  • • Duluth Public Library, 520 West Superior Street, Duluth
  • • Duluth Planning Office, 411 West First Street, Room 208, Duluth

Written comments must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16, to the attention of Charles Froseth, Land Use Supervisor, 411 West First Street, Room 208, Duluth, MN 55802. The Planning Commission will review the comments at their May 13, 2014, regular Planning Commission meeting.

Electronic comments may be sent to with “Stewart Creek Bank Stabilization” in the subject line. (If submitting comments electronically, please include your full name and postal mailing or email address)